Transgender girl’s parents suing school district



According to Yahoo the parents of a six year old has been banned from using the girls’ bathroom at a Fountain, Colorado public school. Why? Because the parents say she is transgendered. The child, Coy, was born a boy but feels like he is really a girl. Coy was one child from a set of triplets. The parents have filed a formal discrimination complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division.

The mother of the first grader has said “We’re really just trying to make it known what the school has done and make them accountable.” She also said that a psychologist confirmed that Coy was indeed transgender when at age four Coy asked: “When are we going to go to the doctor to get me fixed so I can be a girl?.

As a counselor  I am supportive of LGBT rights, transgender awareness, cultural differences, etc. However, do psychologists really confirm at this age that a child is transgender?

The school did not want Coy using the girls restroom anymore although she was permitted to use the girls restroom before.

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  1. I don’t know why the child cannot keep using the toilets…girls toilets have cubicles for privacy and are not as open as boys toilets…it is also a known fact that some children are transgender from an early age and if they are not treated kindly it can lead to self harm and depression. Why have they changed their minds now? Surely there must be a toilet somewhere that can be used…

  2. Thanks for your response Louise. Yeah I haven’t read why the school district changed their mind. I’m interested in hearing about that too.

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