Stay at Home Mom Schedule

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              Are you a stay at home mom or are thinking about staying at home? If so, feel free to check out my category just for us stay at home moms. This post you landed on just happens to be one of my most popular posts. Stay at Home Mom Schedules Do ever wonder what other moms’ schedules are like during the day? I have created a stay at home mom schedule for several scenarios. If you would {Read More}

Interview with Joyce from Mommy Talk Show

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  *Update Below* Today I want to introduce you again to a wonderful woman and mom. My friend, Joyce, has a website over at Mommy Talk Show where she brings Atlanta businesses and moms together. She is an Emmy award winning TV anchor. After the birth of her son, she decided to stay at home with her sweet little boy, A.J. Using her television, parenting, and business skills, she decided to start her website, Mommy Talk Show, so she can {Read More}

House Cleaning Schedule Template

House Cleaning Schedule

                Here is a basic house cleaning schedule template I created for general cleaning in all rooms. Here is a bathroom cleaning schedule printable. Here is the kitchen cleaning schedule printable. ***ATTENTION: If you like these schedules, you might be interested in my Blissful Homemaking website. Please check it out at or like the Blissful Homemaking Facebook page. I realized that “cleaning schedules” probably don’t fit Counselor Mom that much, so I {Read More}

Stay at Home Mom: A Day In The Life

  Dear Parents, Today on Facebook I saw this posted. I thought this was so funny. *Disclaimer- I don’t recommend leaving your children unsupervised outside.* A man came home from work and found his 3 children outside, still in their pyjamas, playing in the mud, with empty food boxes and wrappers strewn around garden. The door of his wife’s car was open, as was the front door to the house and there was no sign of the dog. Walking in {Read More}

Best Stay at Home Jobs


              After staying at home for a couple of years, I have an idea of what the best stay at home jobs are. It’s not necessarily easy to find a job staying at home, but it is definitely a possibility. Become a Virtual Assistant (VA)- I am currently a virtual assistant for a popular coupon blog. My job is to write blog posts for her as a ghostwriter. The task of a virtual assistant {Read More}

Depression of the Stay at Home Mom Revisted

In the past I’ve discussed stay at home moms who feel depressed. I’m not talking about post partum depression, I’m referring to the depression a mom feels when she feels like she is stuck in a rut. I’ve been experiencing a little bit of that this week. I can honestly say it is because again, I feel uneasy about the future. After the last article I criticized that said stated stay at home moms are basically ruining their job chances if they {Read More}

Stay at Home Jobs that are Not Scams


                    Because in my last post I discussed jobs for stay at home moms, I thought I should write what stay at home jobs are not scams. I have had personal experience with the jobs below or I have known someone who has: Leapforce: This is a company that is legit. I can’t say much due to the agreements they will make you sign, but I got paid. This job will {Read More}

Stay at Home Mom Jobs

Work for Stay at Home Moms

              I’m sure many of you who have researched jobs for stay at home moms have found a lot of different ads that appear to be scams. Well, from mom to mom (or dad), I’ll tell you what I know. I’ve been staying at home for 2 years and have researched many stay at home jobs. I have a good idea as to which are scams and which are legitimate jobs. Just a note of wisdom: {Read More}

Stay at Home Mom Schedule for Work at Home Moms

As a mom to 2 little ones that stays at home with her kids and works from home, I can say the schedule can be erratic. My work at home job doesn’t take much time at all in the morning, maybe 1-2 hours. However, I never know when I will receive the work so I have to be flexible. The times vary. Here is a sample daily schedule: 8AM-9AM- Breakfast for the kids. 9AM-10AM- Kids free time while I work. {Read More}

Advice for New Moms


Being a new mom is hard and difficult, especially with no sleep! Although most people are well intentioned, many moms get less than helpful advice from others. Below are some tips that I came up with that are hopefully helpful! Some tips are common sense and some you have probably heard before. Take a nap when baby naps (if your baby WILL sleep!). Common sense, we’ve all heard it before. But how many new moms really do this? It is {Read More}