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Stay at Home Mom Schedules

Do ever wonder what other moms’ schedules are like during the day? I have created a stay at home mom schedule for several scenarios. If you would like a printable template, scroll below.

I’ve been officially staying at home since I graduated from grad school in 2009. I still wonder how other moms conduct their routine. Especially when one child turns into two, three, four or more children! I have two children so I have an idea of the challenges all of us moms experience during the day.

Below you will find example schedules that I’ve personally used.

Ahh. I haven’t updated this post in a while. Today is October 30, 2012. My son is now in Kindergarten! My daughter is in a mother’s morning out program a couple of days a week and now I’m pregnant! Here is what a typical day looks like when BOTH kids are in school.

6:22AM- Wake up and get 5 year old ready for school. His bus comes a little before 7AM!!

7:00AM- Send 5 year old off to school on bus.

8AM- Wake daughter for school.

8:50AM- Take daughter to morning mother’s out program.

From 9AM until noon or 1pm if I leave her for lunch, I use this time for doctor’s appointments and working. I work from home as a blogger and virtual assistant.

1pm- Pick daughter up. Play.

2:30pm- Son comes home from school.

2:30-3:00pm- Snack time for both of them.

3:00pm-5:00pm- Both children play outside or inside depending on weather. I use this time to prepare dinner if early prep is needed or if I did not do it already that morning. I use this time to go over my children’s assignments and my son does any homework. Dishes, laundry, etc.

5:00pm- Husband is usually home and ready for dinner by this time. We eat.

5:30pm- Any last minute errands.

6:00pm- Give baths and story time.

7:00pm- My son goes to bed to get ready for the bus the next day.

8:00pm- My daughter goes to bed at a different time for 2 reasons. She doesn’t have to get up early for the bus. I am also staggering their bed times because I’ve been told this is the best way to do it when they begin to share a room, which will be SOON!

10pm- Husband and I go to bed.


*Today is January 5, 2012, so I think it is that time of year again to update my new routine. It is actually the same as my fall schedule. However, I’m going to make some tweaks to my schedule. I realize this page is very long, so I will reorganize it soon.

Current Schedule

6AM- Husband wakes up for work.

8AM- My son and I wake up (usually I’m already up). I get him ready for pre-k. He attends a program 4 days a week from 9AM-noon. I feed him breakfast.

8:30- I wake up my just turned 2 year old daughter if she isn’t already up.

8:50-9:10- Drop my son off at preschool.

9:30AM- Feed daughter breakfast and let her play while I write blog posts for the popular coupon blog I work for. This takes between 40 minutes to an hour. Usually 2 hours on Friday.

10:30-11:30: I take this time to either run an errand or clean. I usually am in the kitchen cleaning and prepping for dinner. Prepping for dinner could either be sticking things in the crock pot or marinating meat in the refrigerator.

Noon-1:00: During this time I pick up my son from pre-k. I also feed my children lunch during this time. While they are eating lunch. I usually eat or check my email at the table with them.

1:00pm- My 2 year old goes down for a nap, while my son watches a cartoon or plays. If he is over the top cranky, I will make him go to this room and try to sleep.

1:30-4:00: During this time, I spend some one on one time with my son. We might go outside in the backyard or play a game. I also use this time to do things I need to do.

3:30-4:00- My daughter usually wakes up at this time.

4:00- Make dinner because my husband usually gets home a little past 4pm.

5:00- clean up time from dinner, kids are running around the house.

5:30-7:00- We might run an errand, go out, just relax. We plan to start walking in the evening with the kids (daughter in stroller).

7:30- Kids get a bath, read books

8:00- My 4 year old goes to bed. I try to make sure he gets 12 hours of sleep.

8:00- showers

8:30-9:00- daughter goes to bed.

9:00pm- Husband and I unfortunately are cleaning up the downstairs around this time. I also have a bad habit of getting my son’s bag ready for the next day at this time. We make lunches too for the next day. I plan to adjust this so we don’t have to clean up at 9pm.

10:00- Go to bed.

Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten Schedule

Below is my new schedule for fall 2011. My son is in Pre-K from 9am-12 noon 4 days a week and my daughter stays home with me.

8:00: Wake up children. Get dressed, feed kids breakfast.

8:50-9:10: Drop son off at Pre-K.

9:30-10:30: Work (unless I run morning errands).

10:30-11:45: Chores, spend one on one time with my daughter.

12:00-12:10: Pick son up from preschool unless he stays until 1:00 for lunch.

12:20: Feed kids lunch.

1:00: Put my daughter down for a nap.

1:30-3:00: Rest or work. Sometimes I put my son down for a nap or he must have “quiet time” during this time.

3:00: Start preparing dinner if needed. Chores.

4:00: Eat dinner (my husband comes home early because he goes to work early).

5:00-7:00: We either run errands, go to T-Ball practice, or spend family time together.

7:00- Bathtime, stories with the kids.

7:45-8:00- My son’s bed time. I put my daughter to bed soon after.

10:00: My husband and I go to bed.

2 Children: 1 Child Naps Midday

7:30-8:30: Children wake up. Get kids ready.

8:30-9:00: Breakfast for everyone. Clean the kitchen again (dishes, sweep floor, clean table and counters, check dog food and water).

9:00-10:00: Free play/cartoons. Use this time to do chores or rest if you have a bad night.

10:00-10:15: Snack for kids

10:15-11:15: Preschool time. I use this time to do some activities with the kids such as arts and crafts or another learning activity.

11:15-noon: Free time for the kids or we go outside together. I usually do some kind of chore whether it be laundry (ugh) or more work time if we don’t go outside.

Noon-12:30- Feed kids lunch.

12:30-1:00- Get younger child ready for nap.

1:00-3:00/4:00- While baby naps, spend this time resting, doing chores, or play with other little one. Figure out what to make for dinner at this time.

3:30-5:00- Start cooking dinner, little one wakes up.

5:00-7:00- Finish cleaning kitchen, family time.

7:00- Kids get a bath, brush teeth, etc.

7:30-8:00ish- Late snack for the kids. Read to the kids.

8:00ish- Bed time for older child.

8:00-9:00- Hubby and I spend time together watching a movie, chores also happen around this time, etc

9:00- **I put my younger child to bed at this time because I want her to sleep later and she wakes up sometimes at night still.

10:00- We go to bed.

6AM- Husband wakes up for work.

Work at Home Mom Schedule with 2 Kids

As a mom to 2 little ones that stays at home with her kids and works from home, I can say the schedule can be erratic. My work at home job doesn’t take much time at all in the morning, maybe 1-2 hours. However, I never know when I will receive the work so I have to be flexible. The times vary. Here is a sample daily schedule for when I work:

8AM-9AM- Breakfast for the kids.

9AM-10AM- Kids free time while I work.

10AM-11AM- Snack time for the kids. Usually an arts and craft activity or preschool activity while I clean the kitchen, chores in laundry room.

11AM-noon- Free time, outside time, check emails, etc.

Noon- Lunch for us all.

12:30-1:00- Chores.

1:00- Put my 19 month old daughter down for a nap.

1:00-4:00- While my daughter is asleep, I spend one on one time with my son. We also do chores together. He enjoys “certain chores”. I also start thinking about dinner and preparing anything ahead of time if needed. IF possible, I might lay down for a little bit if I’m able to. I notice my son starts to get cranky around 2-3, so I might put him down for a nap during this time if possible.

4pm- Start dinner because my husband gets off around this time.

5:00-6:00pm- Eat dinner, clean up, get ready to leave if we all run errands as a family.

6:00-8:00pm- Family time. Baths usually start at 7:30-8pm.

Sometimes around 9 or earlier the kids are in bed. Yay!

Check back for my next stay at home mom schedule that I will put here.

All of my schedules revolves around the child’s schedule mostly. Although I work at home and sometimes am too tired to play with my children, I make sure I give them on on one attention in some way or another. Don’t forget to spend some quality time with your child.

*Updated- October 1, 2011- I have written a post about maintaing a simple schedule if you have a toddler here.

The links below are printable schedules I’ve made for the stay at home mom. The blank spaces are for you to write down the time or what chores or activity you want to do. Obviously you can write whatever you want as your to do list! This post is a work in progress, so I will be updating it and letting you know as I go.

Stay at Home Mom Schedule for Child Who Naps During the Day

Stay at Home Mom Schedule for Child Who Naps Twice During the Day- Usually for a baby

And if you are interested…cleaning schedules are below.

House Cleaning Schedule or to see more home cleaning schedules or printables click here.

I am constantly updating my website. I also spend time creating these schedules and organization printables. If you would like to stay updated, please consider subscribing to my feed via email or “liking” me on Facebook. Thanks!



  1. Thank you so much for doing this! This is exactly what I need – especially since I am a schedule/list person!!!

  2. This is great. I love how you give several options for each time slot and different “life situations”. I am a mother of 3 under 5 so obviously I must improvise. Thanks for the input though. I was searching because I am a full-time employee soon to become stay at home mom. I remember how hard it was when I had two under two and staying at home. MUCH harder than working a full-time-job. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks Meagan! I plan to update soon with more scheduling ideas. Yes it definitely is busy staying at home, especially with 3 under 5! I am thinking about a 3rd too. Good luck with your transition from working full time to staying at home! Update and let me know how it goes!


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